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Eager to perform, but don't have a lot of experience or time? Join us for the Same-Day Performance Workshop. Students will do a warm-up and technique class, then learn and help create a short ensemble performance piece to be performed that same day.


Just when you thought you knew everything about process...

This workshop is for adult beginning and intermediate dancers looking to invest more deeply in technique, improvisation, composition, and the development of performance skills, while gaining awareness of their individual learning process.


A professional development workshop for new and experienced dance teaching artists working with children and adults for the aim of building or expanding a values based teaching practice.
We explore and practice:
  • Basic anatomy
  • Culturally responsive teaching
  • Trauma informed practices
  • Community building through creative collaboration
  • Performance and assessment
  • Self-care and advocacy
  • Accessibility
  • Distance learning 
  • Documentation



Dates TBA


Down and dirty info on subjects like how to self-produce your own work, budgeting, fundraising, marketing, and public relations , as well as topics on self-preservation for artists like dance parenting, sleep and restoration, and more.  Learn from artists in our community who have done what you're seeking to accomplish or who know what you want to learn.  

For upcoming ARTIST-TO-ARTIST Panels, go to



Mary Carbonara, Director, Studio 200, Public Relations Consultant

Robert Moses, Artistic Director, Robert Moses' Kin

Raissa Simpson, Artistic Director, PUSH Company

Katherine Disenhof, Designer & Marketing Consultant

Tim Rubel, Artistic Director, Human Shakes

Adrianna Thompson, SOULSkin

Hope Mohr, Hope Mohr Dance

Christian Burns, burnsWORK

Kendra Kimbrough, Kendra Kimbrough Dance Ensemble

Joan Lazarus, Singers Marin

Tim Wilson, Feldenkrais Method

Gregory Dawson, dawsondancesf

Robert Dekkers, Post:Ballet

Claudia Hubiak, The Anata Project

Amy Foley, Bellwether Dance Project

Tanya Bello, project.b

James Graham, James Graham Dance Theatre

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