Friday, April 27 4:30-6:30pm

Eager to perform, but don't have a lot of experience or time? Join us for the Same-Day Performance Workshop. Students will do a warm-up and technique class, then learn and help create a short ensemble performance piece to be performed that same day at 7:30 pm during the Studio 200 Showcase. 

Special Guest Teacher:  Kelsey Paschich

Pre-registration required. $45


Mon.-Fri, June 18-22

Just when you thought you knew everything about process...

This workshop is for adult beginning and intermediate dancers looking to invest more deeply in technique, improvisation, composition, and the development of performance skills. 


Taught by Mary Carbonara and Heidi Carlsen.

Tuition:  $375 if paid on or before April1; $400 if paid on or after April 2.

Teachers' Workshop
Thurs., August 1 and Fri., August 2, 10am-4pm
Led by Mary Carbonara, with Guest teachers include Erik Wagner (Ballet) and James Graham (Gaga) who will offer their own perspectives respective of their dance discipline.
A two-day workshop for teachers and aspiring teachers working with teens and adults. The focus will be on class construction - how to put together a class that includes technique, conditioning and performance skills. 

This workshop is intended to be one of mutual sharing in a laboratory setting: teachers are encouraged to try things out, share what has been successful for them, pose questions to the group and gain peer mentoring over the course of the two days. We will address various aspects of content like: healthy alignment, turn-out, range of motion, stretching and strengthening, vocabulary, expression, music, etc. We will also address teaching skills like: language, how to demonstrate, how to use/not use the mirror, how to give a correction, how to modify for different bodies and abilities, how to guide your students to work with certain injuries, etc.


Pre-registration required. $150 before June 1; $175 if paid on or after June 1.  No teaching experience is required. Participants should have an intermediate level of dance training (any style) or better.



Dates TBA

Cost:  $25 (at the door)


Down and dirty info on subjects like how to self-produce your own work, budgeting, fundraising, marketing, and public relations , as well as topics on self-preservation for artists like dance parenting, sleep and restoration, and more.  Learn from artists in our community who have done what you're seeking to accomplish or who know what you want to learn.  

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Mary Carbonara, Director, Studio 200, Public Relations Consultant

Robert Moses, Artistic Director, Robert Moses' Kin

Raissa Simpson, Artistic Director, PUSH Company

Katherine Disenhof, Designer & Marketing Consultant

Tim Rubel, Artistic Director, Human Shakes

Adrianna Thompson, SOULSkin

Hope Mohr, Hope Mohr Dance

Christian Burns, burnsWORK

Kendra Kimbrough, Kendra Kimbrough Dance Ensemble

Joan Lazarus, Singers Marin

Tim Wilson, Feldenkrais Method

Gregory Dawson, dawsondancesf

Robert Dekkers, Post:Ballet

Claudia Hubiak, The Anata Project

Amy Foley, Bellwether Dance Project

Tanya Bello, project.b

James Graham, James Graham Dance Theatre

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