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Founded in 2011 by Mary Carbonara and focused on the creative, cognitive and physical development of each child, Hamster Dance Academy offers dance and creative movement instruction for children age 4 through 12.


Students will explore all aspects of movement and movement creation while learning healthy and efficient dance technique derived from ballet, modern and jazz, while also making connections to their age/­level academic learning. With over 25 years of teaching experience working with students of all ages, all of our youth classes are playful and rigorous while inspiring the creative and critical participation of each child.

Mary's dance class is wonderful for kids!  They learn not only how to move with rhythm and grace, but something of the history and culture of music and dance from Mary's superb storytelling and music collection.  All of this wrapped up in a developmentally appropriate class led by Mary Carbonara.  She cherishes the children and brings out the best in them.  Mary herself is brimming with the intelligent sparkle of a true artist and teacher.”

- Susan Edwards, Director,

Noe Valley Nursery School

"After several months of movement classes with Mary Carbonara, I love how my daughter feels empowered to be creative with her body, with rhythm and space. Her interest in music and timing has also grown. I strongly endorse Mary's teaching ability, as well as her skill at working with many different temperaments, physical awareness levels, ages and both genders within the same class." 

- Amanda Moran, mother and 

Managing Director, Bandaloop

"Under Mary's guidance, our students have grown creatively and socially while making strides in their physical agility and learning the important fundamentals of healthy, joyful dancing. We've been blessed to have her on our team." 

- Armen Dilanchian,

President/CEO, Tutors R Us LLC and Executive Director, MEEP Inc.

(Miraloma Educational Enrichment Program)

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