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Meet the Students, Artists and  Dancers of Studio 200

Justine Costerouse, student, 49


What is your profession? Preschool Teacher and Founder of Golden Bridges School.


How long have you been studying dance?  I danced when I was little, and started dancing again about 6 years ago. I've been taking class with Mary since September 2014, and have really enjoyed and benefitted from working more intensively on technique.


What is the last live dance performance you attended?   Robert Moses’ Kin's Silt.


What is your favorite thing about dance?   Dance, like nothing else, brings me into the present space and time. I love working to understand something by knowing it through moving it, and I love the constant striving to get that understanding deeper and more enlivened each time — whether I am working on choreography or doing a plie. Getting to work in this way with a group of people who are just as into it as I am is my version of heaven!

Kimberly Huie, student, 37


What is your profession?  Middle school math teacher


How long have you been studying dance?  14 years (as an adult)

What's your favorite kind of music to dance to?  I like a lot of different music, but if I had to pick one genre it would be pop.


What are some recent performances you’ve seen?  SILT by Robert Moses' Kin and Twelfth Night at CalShakes


What's your favorite thing about dance?  I love that dance is all encompassing.  It's both a physical and mental experience that really requires full presence. It makes me forget everything else!


Anything else you'd like to add?  Mary is the best teacher for learning modern dance from the ground up.

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